Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Week 11

4 Cheese Cake
So this week was good. We had a few really good lessons. One was with
some new investigators. They're in their young twenties and have a
little 3 year old boy. We taught the first lesson, and they were
really interested. The entire lesson, the kid was being rambunctious
so I was half playing with the kid, and half teaching haha. By the end
of the lesson he was my best friend.

We had another couple of lessons with our neighbors as well! We ended
up having family home evening with them in the bishops house, and
apparently they knew each other from a party a few years back haha,
but it went really well.

The dad of the family that was supposed to get deported, ended up only
getting 70 days of community service, and the family is super close
and grateful for that right now. The son who used to not believe in
God, now believes in God, so that was a huge miracle. Now it's just
getting them to want to be married.

I'll explain the 4 cheese cake now. There's a cake called tres leches,
and it's a cake that Latinos always buy, and it's usually not too bad.
We were doing service for a lady, and she is really nice, and after
she offered us this kind of cake. So my companion loves tres leches
and said oh yeah this is my favorite, so she gives us all a piece. We
all took a bite, then immediately looked each other. The cake was
expired and tasted like expired sour milk. So first soto said oh I
think I forgot something outside, took his cake with him, and threw it
on the grass hahaha. Then I took mine with me to look for the same
thing, and threw it in their trash outside. Then escalante, who can be
a little dumb, took the cake, and another plate, and shoved it in the
front of his pants, walked outside to grab his change of clothes, and
put it in the car. And all this time, the sister of the persons house
we were at, was just casually eating the cake like nothing. It was a
quality time.

We also had zone conference, and of course I got called on to give the
first talk haha. It went well though. I just spoke on patience, which
is the ultimate character I need to have right now waiting for Mexico.
We also got to go to the Sacramento temple this week as well. It was
super nice there, lots of floral in that temple.
My sleep talking is happening more often too haha. Apparently I asked
soto at like 3 am if he was from Guatemala, then told him I'll explain
everything in the morning. Sleeping is always fun when you have me to
sleep talk.

Besides that all is well with me. Just here in limbo waiting for a
visa. I met an elder the other day, who has been here for 23 months
waiting for a visa to Brazil. Needless to say he's an English
missionary now. Fun week though.

Love you all!

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