Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Week 12


I have lots of things to tell you my friends, so bear with me.
First............... I GOT MY VISAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA WOOO PARTY thank you
everyone for the prayers and the positive words of inspiration.

So in a week or two president and I are going to go to the consulate to
start the visa stuff, and all that. I basically gave up on the idea of
getting my visa, but pres pulled through for me. He's the man. So in a
few weeks I'll have my visa, but president said he didn't want to have
to keep me in a trio, or send me to Mexico during Christmas, so he's
going to keep me for the rest of this transfer here. Basically super
awesome, and I'm overflowing with joy. So January 6th will probably
end up being my flying out date. Exciting.

Second......... Soto got transferred to Chico, and it's just me and
elder escalante left here, so the big news is I'm the driver now!
Basically all of my dreams came true. I'm not in a trio, I don't have
to be car sick 24/7, and I got my visa. Elder soto is going to be
district leader in Chico, and escalante is district leader right now
so I'm not even listed as being trained right now I don't think. I'm
so happy haha. But yeah I'm the driver, and I'll actually be able to
talk in lessons now, and we're going to be on time for things now.

Third............ My actual birthday was just ok... But the two days
after were amazing ! We had a really long trainer trainee meeting on
my birthday, so we missed our lesson we had planned, that was lame.
But the day after we had 3 lessons, and dinner with one of my favorite
families. Thanks to everyone who sent me stuff, I'll send you
individual emails later.

Fourth........... My Spanish is improving a lot. I got to go to the
temple last week, and while I was there I prayed for help with my
Spanish, and to find better ways to learn. So I started reading a ton
of stuff in Spanish. It works so much better for me to read
everything, than to try and actually study in grammar books. This
morning I actually understood all the scriptures I was reading. Pretty
amazing blessings, and a true fulfillment of the gift of tongues.
Fifth....... I'll get to baptize a girl that the sisters are teaching,
because she's been asking me to baptize her for like 3 weeks! She's
10, but she's smart, and remembers everything the sisters teach her.
And she is going to break this wards curse. There hasn't been a
baptism here in a year.

Some other random thoughts for the week. I was talking to my Mexican
mom in the ward, and she basically said you white people are crazy.
You guys don't care if you sound like idiots when you talk in Spanish,
you just do it anyway. It's true. Latinos are afraid to speak in
English, but us white people ain't care. My other Mexican mom in the
ward, was there when I opened my present from my parents, and it had
tons of stuff in it, so she kept calling me "el divino" which
basically means the favorite child. True things.

Our investigators are still moving along. Our neighbors are taking
their time, but they keep the commitments, besides church yesterday,
because they went to Vegas. Our family that was supposed to get
deported, are super good. They're the highest on my list to get
baptized. They've had a lot of trials, but God has given them a way
through them all. Really excited for them. We have a couple other
families, but nothing crazy with them yet, but this week were gonna
have a baptismal date I'm feeling it.

I'm just super excited, and super grateful this week. Lots of good has
happened, and the heavens have been opened. Keep the faith up that my
visa will go through smoothly. I love you all! The world is a good

Elder Hodson.
I'll send more pictures later when I get them.

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