Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Week 3


Hello everyone,

Before I get to the normal missionary crap I want to tell you the story of my haircut.
So the Mtc has hair school people here that are interns and give crap haircuts, and I didn't want to ruin my beautiful hair by the hands of hair school girls, so i kept my eye out for the best haircuts in the mtc, and it is always the samaons. So after our tie exchange, I went to the other side of the building and it's all of the samoans in two or three rooms.  So i asked who cuts hair, and they went searching for the kid, and it turns out that the elder that cuts hair is the same elder that I play vball with every day haha.  The blessings of 1 year of high school vball.  So were already buds, and I ask him if he does a good job, and he said yes.  Then another elder came out and started yelling "no go to barber shop, I testify that barber shop is better" and all of the samoans were dying, and it made me a little nervous.  Then the elder that was yelling said fine I'll get mine cut first, then you cut yours.  THE SAMOAN GAVE SUCH A GOOD HAIRCUT.  So i decided wth why not get a haircut, it's the mtc, yolo.  He ran his fingers thru my hair and said in samoan to an elder in my zone that is also samoan "This will be my best haircut because i like his hair"  So i continued to get the best haircut of my life, (not really chelsea) and I didn't end up like a horror story like all the other elders that get haircuts in the mtc.  It's hilarious how bad the haircuts in the mtc are.  But that's my story for the week.
Besides that nothing really happens here.  We get in a class, and learn a whole ton, then sleep and wake up and repeat.  Oh I do have something.  Our zone is doing a choir for the departing district, and were singing till we meet, mixed with the song see you again by wiz khalifa.  It's super dope, and I'm leading the music this week.  It's really good sounding.  
I also realized something cool in the book of mormon that relates to me a lot.  The reason Nephi was so upset over his brothers leaving, wasn't because they beat him etc., it was because he knew the truth, and he wanted his brothers to have the same feeling, and he grieved over that loss.  That's how I feel as a missionary.  I want everyone to know how awesome it is to read in the scriptures, and get new knowledge, or how it feels to pray and truly know there is a loving heavenly father that wants to bless us.  God is just waiting for us to come to him with a humble heart, so that he can bless us abundantly.  Until we give up our pride, and truly come to know our Heavenly Father, he wont be able to bless us like he wants to.  So that's my challenge for everyone.  Get to know your heavenly father, and pray with a sincere want to have an answer.
Elder Hodson 2
Sadly this is the only pic i have of my samoan haircut.  It is actually really good, but another elder in another district has the pictures during.  Super funny, but i have the best hair in the mtc hahaha.
Oh and a flower power tie pic with the mason garret twin himself, Elder Ainge
Much love, if i get my pics from the other elder Ill send them, theyre funny


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