Saturday, September 12, 2015

Week 2

The Coat Hanger Experiences

So sorry everyone for last weeks email.  They really shouldn't let you email before the first sunday hahaha.  It's gotten a ton easier.  The blessings of being on a mission are starting to flow.  Spanish is getting super fun, and our district is mellowing out.

We finally got our two teachers today, hermana anderson and hermano wolfe.  They're both super dope.  Learning spanish is super fun, but at the same time super tiring.  I Love being on a mission though, just super excited to be in mexico.
Also thanks to everyone that sent me a dearelder package, or something, I managed to get 7 packages in one day hahaha.  I was so excited.  I have so much food now.  But I wrote letters back to everyone, But thank you all so much.
So the reason for my title, is in last sundays priesthood class we had one of the branch presidency with us, and he shared a super cool way of thinking about things.  He said we need to have Coat hook spiritual experiences, that we can always look back on.  So anytime I start to struggle, I can look back at my Coat Hook experiences.  It reminded me exactly of something my dad would say.  The mission really does get super easy after the first sunday.  I'm so much happier now.  I love learning spanish.
Getting to meet with "investigators" is super fun..  It gets me really excited to teach real people.  The investigators we teach here are so easy to love, and it makes the lessons really easy and fun.  I'm having a much much much better time now that I've settled in.  The anxiety is gone, and I'm eating good (thanks to all the packages)
I love you all so much, and I'm so stoked for this next week.
Elder Hodson 2

1.  finally found sis Sylvester

2.  a plethora of boxes

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