Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Week 88

Como se dice... Carro

Well this week was another good one!  We found a few new very hopeful people so that made the week amazing!

One of the things that I learned while we were teaching a sister is the fact we need to show people the necessity of the gospel in their lives.  We were trying to help her with her job (shes sells things) and we were talking about how she needs to show people that their service is not good, and they need a new one.  And my companion and I kind of had a mini revelation that we were going about contacting in the wrong way.  We need to show people that this is the only true gospel, and its something that they honestly need.  The way we have been doing it is just asking people what happens to the people that pass away without being baptized.  No one has a real answer because this was one of the lost truths from when Jesus Established his doctrine, and it really gets ahold of people, and its helped us out a lot in this week!  So ask your friends inspired questions so they start thinking and have that thought in their mind!
Besides that just one little funny story, theres always a couple of little kids in the street that ask us how do you say certain words while we walk by, and they are the easiest words in english possible, stuff that sounds the same.  Its always a laugh when they just yell out "hey how do you say carro."
Love you all!
Elder Hodson


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