Friday, June 2, 2017

Week 89

Me Chupó el Perro

Well this week was pretty much nuts!

We got our investigator married last friday (ill put pictures in) and she was going to get baptized on saturday but just had a little hiccup in her interview so we had to postpone it.

Yesterday we found out our changes, and we all thought that my companion was going to leave, but it turns out we both are hahaha!  Im actually really happy though.  I was tired of being zone leader and I didnt feel like I was doing the best job i could.  So lucky Im going to the coldest zone in the mission!  Tezuitlan.  Im really excited because Ive always wanted to serve there, and Im with a companion who has less time in the mission so it will be easier to work!  
So yesterday as we were saying goodbyes and everything we ended up in a house of some members who have two dogs that are insane and just bark and want to eat everyone.  So i tried to take some pictures of one of the dogs as we were waiting and the dogs just kept barking, so we said our goodbyes and as soon as we were walking out one of the dogs broke his chain and chased me down and bit me in the leg haha.  I thought i would never get bit in the mission.  Luckily my pants didnt rip and the dogs teeth didnt completely penetrate, but he still left a good hole in my pants.   Pretty funny honestly, but the members felt bad.  So we kept saying goodbyes while my leg was dripping blood so one of the members said that in his job when they get nails stuck in their feet they exprime or squeeze the wound to try and get it to heal faster.  I obviously said no to that but accepted some alcohol.  The brother threw the alcohol on and of course started to squeeze, hurted like death ahahah.  But yeah ill throw some pictures in.

Then later we talked to the sister we got married and she wanted us to be there for her baptism so were going to have a last minute baptism today!  
Love you all!
(dog in photo is not dog that bit me, but his neighbor)
(dont worry mother my leg is fine.)


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