Monday, May 1, 2017

Week 84


So im finally getting settled in to my new area, and let me tell you, the heat is not missed hahah.
This week was fairly busy, we moved two houses, and had a few meetings, but we had some decent time to work, and we found some cool new people.  This ward is super supportive, and the members are great.  So im pretty dang excited.

I also got a nice welcome in church, they called me up to speak without telling me before hahaha.
Our zone is gonna be fun as well.  We have some of the most capable missionaries ive had the opportunity to work with, and the areas here are great, so im excited.  

Besides that all is well!  Just a change week, and its been awesome.

Love you all!
Elder Hodson
Oh and heres a picture of my new comp

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