Monday, May 1, 2017

Week 85

Cambio De Corazon

This week was filled with travels and little things to take care of, but no one wants to hear about that!

We were able to have a great lesson this saturday.  We ended up eating with a family where only the son is member, so we got into the subject on why the family hadnt been baptized yet, and the mom just talked about not wanting to change her traditions.  So we explained what our true purpose here is on earth, and we were able to teach her that we are here to progress and change and become more like our heavenly father. 
I have realized in these last few weeks that repentance isnt only our actions but as well the way we think.  The thoughts that we have are a huge reminder of who we really are.  To become like God starts with our personal thoughts and opinions, and we need to find the way to help those become like gods thoughts.
Not much else to report! 
Love you all!
Elder Hodson


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