Thursday, June 8, 2017

Week 90


Tezuitlan is the absolute best.  This has been the coldest week of my mission and its not even winter haha.  Tezuit is honestly extremely beautiful, mountains and hills everywhere, everything is green, and even in the sun, its cold! Needless to say Im happy to be here.  Its also refreshing to have everyone yelling racial comments at me from their cars again ahah.

Im also working a ton better.  Ive missed a ton being in a normal companionship, my companion is honestly great, and we have tons of prospects!  
Were working with two marriages to get married this wednesday and thursday, and if all goes as planned we will baptize 3 this week and 2 next week.  It was going to be 5 this week but one of our investigators fell and drank again after a month of not drinking, but its all ok, falling is normal, and were going to start all over again and make sure it doesnt happen again.  Speaking of that we ending up having to walk him home from the bar, and he was almost falling over the entire way, as we walked through the center of the city haha.  Theres a first for everything.  
Loving life and Love you all!
Elder Hodson   


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