Friday, August 26, 2016

Week 51


So the wait is over haha, i am in indepencia 2 in martinez de la torre!!  I am with elder Murphy from california!  He was training, but his son had to go home to fix a few things, so i got pulled down here!  And i am excited!  Ive never had a white companion, and we are in a normal companionship, so we literally have all of the time in the world to work!  We have a decent ward, and im really stoked to be working here.  We had 4 in church on sunday, but we are gonna start killing it this week. Its basically a whitewash (two people who dont know the area)  So we are just gonna have some miracles.  Our bishop is also very open to suggestions, so its gonna be a fun time.  We are gonna fix this area back up to being a power house!

Its really fun to have a companion that wants to work.  Ive seen that with my last few companions that satan really works the hardest and his best when we left ourselves get letdown or desanimo (dont know that word in english) and when we start to let him take our excitement.  It makes every aspect of being a missionary harder, and i fell in that cycle in my last area a little bit, and when things didnt go right i would get upset, but here its exciting, because we both have desires to work!
Its also funny to be with another white kid, because everywhere you go, people yell at you and say "hey guerooossss" and then we scream back "heeeey morenoooos!"  (brown people but in a not bad sounding way.)
Didnt take pics this week, but here is a few funny pics from the only people i was able to say goodbye to haha.
Love you all!

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