Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Week 49


So this week was alright.  A little bit stressful, but luckily its all over.  on thursday we had a zone activity and we all went to the sister missionaries areas to work for 2 hours, and of course right as we start, it starts pouring rain! so we all worked soaking for 2 hours, and it was kind of fun, but were pretty sure that the rain was acidic because all of our white shirts are ruined from that day.  It was fun though.

We also had changes this week and basically there was no changes, im staying here, with my same comp, and my whole district stayed the same.  So that was a little lame, but ill hit one year in this area!

Ive been thinking a lot about worthy fathers again this week, because its something that this area lacks.  We as men have a huge responsibilty as priesthoood holders to keep ourselves worthy and ready to use our priesthood.  Ive seen here that the women are the stronghold of this little branch, and the men just dont exist.  It just is always a nice friendly reminder for me to search out the worthy and ready men to teach and prepare for baptism, and to recieve the priesthood.  
alls well! 

Love you all!

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