Thursday, August 18, 2016

Week 50

Crazy Weeeeeek

So this week was a little hectic.  But before we go on apparantly im getting changed to another area.  My president called me in the morning at like 10 o clock and said "Elder Hodson, theres 1 or two missionaries that we will be losing, and im going to need you in another area;"  so that was how that went, but he hasnt told me when or where im going, so im kind of in limbo right now. But my entire day has been packing, and washing clothes!  So not much time.

Besides that i got really sick on thursday and couldnt walk because i was so dizzy, and i think i got a stomach flu, but i took some medicine, and drank some salt water and by sunday i was more or less ok.  We also had a service project on friday in the farthest part of our area with our whole zone!  I didnt help at all because i was dying, but it worked out for us, because we had people in church on sunday, and they were those we helped out with. 
A couple other fun things happened out there but, not much time to write,  I guess Ill let you all know where i end up in a week haha!
Elder Hodson

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