Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Week 39


This week was fairly slow.

But besides that it was a goodish week, it wont go down as my favorite, but we worked a bunch.  We did a ton of contacting in the streets, and out of those contacts we didnt manage to find people, but hopefully there were some seeds set for future reaping.
On tuesday we met a family from honduras, and i asked her how she liked mexico and all those types of questions. She taught me a nice little mini lesson there.  She talked about how she honestly never wants to go back to honduras because its miserable there, and just bagging on her own country, and us as missionaries sometimes think the place that we live in is a dump, but for other people its the best place for them.  Weve seen that a couple times, theres an older lady in the branch, that has a daughter that lives in utah, and wants the mom to go over there to utah, and live the "good life", but the older lady is comfortable in her house with no fans in the heat, and she is happy.  So theres my humbling lesson on things arent everything for the week.
We also did divisions this week, i went with elder Martin from  utah, hes a good kid, and hes been out for about 20 months now, and he lacks a little bit of energy, but we worked hard, and he had a happy day, so i think they were succesful divisions.
Thats about it, not much happened, just lots of contacting strangers.
Love you all!
waking up extra early for church is tiring.


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