Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Week 81

The Best Sleep

So this week ending up being a little bit stressful.  We had a missionary from the zone that had to go home to take care of some stuff, and so we ended up in a trio with a missionary whos area is about 45 minutes away from the city.  So we had to take days out of our area to be able to work his, and we took an extra day out to help out the sister missionaries in their area.  So in total we worked about a day in our own area, but its all goood.  Sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven.  We were glad to be able to help out other missionaries.

Conference was absolutely amazing!  For those who were able to watch it live, go to lds.org and watch it.  One talk that ended up being funny to me was Elder Uchtdorf.  I think i have a criminal record going on in heaven for falling asleep in general conferences, and of course for the talk before Uchtdorf I was knocked out.  And the first thing he talks about is falling asleep, and everyone in the room turned to look at me and just laughed.  I testify that the best naps I get are and will always be when I am in church.
This saturday we should be having a baptism!  Her name is Teresa, she is the mom of one of our recent converts, and she has been just a joy to teach.  I love teaching people that are ready to recieve the gospel, and who want to progess.  
No pictures sooorry forgot my camera at home!

Les Amo!
Elder Hodson

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