Monday, January 16, 2017

Week 69

Frio en Poza Rica

So this week was i think the first week of real cold I´ve felt in poza.  It got down to probably 40-45 degrees this week, it was basically a miracle, but of course as soon as it got cold, our hot water broke.
Besides that fun, we went to Xalapa for Mission council.  Its always fun to be a part of that.  Lots of things that we learn in council, and its usually missionaries that actually care about the work, so we can focus on what is actually important.  
That kind of took us out of our area for a little bit though, so we werent able to work as well as we could have, but we had some nice little miracles on sunday.  On tuesday we went out to a little area that we hadnt been to before, and started contacting.  After a few houses and no success, some little kid saw us yelled out "elderes" and ran up to us and gave us hugs.  That was a nice little surprise.  So we got to know him and his mom, and they are members that are newish in the area, but had recently gone less active, so we taught them, and excited them to go to church.  And of course on sunday they showed up, and ending the testimony meeting the little kid wanted to bear his testimony, so he pulled the "hey if you go up ill go up" so i accompanied him to bear his testimony.  Him as well as a few other kids bore their testimonies, and it was nice to see.  There are some very faithful children coming in these last days.
All is well, Love you all!
Elder Hodson


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