Thursday, January 26, 2017

Week 71

Poza York

Well this week was fun.  Our zone started to work a lot better.  We decided to start a little competition this last week, partly because it was the last week of the change, and in the last week of change missionaries stop working, and partly because competitions are fun.  But the missionaries started working like crazy so that was a good result.

We also had changes this week, but my companion and i are staying the same, but there were lots of changes in our zone, so it should be a good little change in the zone, and hopefully we can keep them working.
This week should be fun as well, we have a baptism for next sunday, and lots of work for this week.  I love this area so much, on thursday two of our members came up to us and said "hey elders this is my nephew and his mom isnt member and they just came to live with us, and they have all the lessons as well, come visit them!" so that was pretty amazing, and we have some other families that we are working with.  This has been the best ward that i have ever been in and im really excited.  
Love you all!
Elder Hodson

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