Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Week 99


Well friends two weeks left... time to get sentimental...

Just kidding not yet, or never.  This week was another hard week.  I dont know what it is about this area but every time we have something good happen something bad happens at the same time.  One of our families that was like super set for baptism ending up accepting a job to work on sundays, but the same day we found a family of 6!  Then sunday when we were waiting for one of our other investigators he got in a fight with his family, didnt go, but another family that we werent waiting for showed up.  Still nothings certain on when were going to baptize, but if all else fails my comp is gonna have tons of people next change.

Oh and this week on the ranch, our neighbors killed their two giant pigs for their daughters quinceañera. So there was screaming for like 2 hours from the other animals.  And of course being great neighbors they invited us to eat my least favorite foods, one called mole (what always makes me sick) and chincharrones (fried pig skins).
Love you all!
Elder Hodson


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