Friday, July 28, 2017

Week 97

Im Not dead yet.

This week was a fun one for sure!  We worked our butts off, and i feel like the harder we worked the less success we had.  Its been the first week of summer break here, so everybody we talk to just gives us the excuse of "oh were going out of town this weekend" so thats kind of stopped the progress a little bit, but we just keep pushing on.

Today for the 8th pday in a row we played vball.  Its gotten funny, because only us and the zone leaders show up to play, then we fill the rest in with members here.  The members here are actually really fun, and were planning on setting up a little tournament here with the stake.

We have been working with a guy named marco who about a little over a year ago got baptized, but never got confirmed.  Hes got a little weird situation, but his ex wife (never actually married) is a really cool recent convert, but he has some problems still:  but this last week we werent able to teach him, but he ended up in church on sunday dressed all nice, and actually paid attention.  It really shows that the lord actually works with us, and we thought he was a lost cause, but he pulled through!
Love you all!
Elder Hodson

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