Monday, May 16, 2016

Week 37


Well friends and family the time has finally come for me to get out of vegas.  I didn´t think id ever make it out haha.

Im going to Santiago de la Peña in tuxpan as district leader.  I´m super excited, but a little bit nervous.  Its nice to have a responsibility now so thats pretty fun.  
My companion will be Elder Aguirr​e.  I think hes from the north of mexico, i met him one time, while he was secretary.  I think hes younger than me, but he got made secretary like 3 months out.  
My area from what Ive heard is fairly small, Ill be in a branch and the branch President has made a decent amount of his members go inactive, so hopefully we can help change the branch president.  Its exciting though.  My area is the river too, so i have to cross the river in a little boat every day.  Its like ghetto italy hahaha S/O to Mitchell.
But yeah thats my big change, im really excited, all you missionaries send me district class ideas, i dont know how to be district leader yet.
Besides that this week was good.  I got to see my momma and my pops, and that was awesome.  Its awesome to have good parents, and even better to see them after so long.
Im a little bit sad to say goodbye to my converts, but I´m glad to go to another area.  I've learned a lot from my converts and from the people here, but im ready for the next step.
Love you all!
Elder Hodson

1. My family. 2. Someone bought us hats. 3. I got krispy kremes smuggled in. 


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