Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Week 35

The Breakthrough

So this week was fairly good.  On saturday we were able to baptize a convert named Miriam, shes been an investigator for a good whle, but she just barely got baptized.  One of our other converts (her cousin) did the ordinance, but i confirmed her as member.  Its always a great experience to be a part of that change in someones life.

The breakthrough.  Well my companion has been one of a trouble maker in his mission when it comes to getting along with his other companions, and especially with controlling his anger.  So since i got here to this area, its been basically a test of patience every day.  Some days worse and some days less, but lately its been worse.  Yesterday during the day he got really angry with another missionary, and threw a fit, and later in the night a convert told him to stop being angry, and just called him out a little bit.  
Later that night, after we got home and showered and ready to sleep we had a solid heart to heart.  Basically 4 weeks of waiting patiently for my companion worked out for me.  He asked what is it that he does that is annoying, that makes it so others dont like him, basically he broke down his giant grumpy angry wall, and we made friends, now i love the kid, and i really want to help him out.  He really has the desire to change his attitude towards others, and wants to stop getting angry.  Im also really greatful for my pops, cause i just stole all the stuff he would tell me to change, and it works in every sense.
So that was cool.

Besides that mexico stays the same, getting cussed at and 110 degrees with tons of humidity. Love it.

Elder Hodson

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