Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Week 33

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This week was lowkey a little lame, but its all good and were not dwell on it and were gonna get over it.
Tuesday I was houseridden and sick, and so the rest of the week we worked, but i was like a sack of potatoes those days i was dying and tired.  Yay for the mission.  We had lots of sucess throughout the work, but sunday came, and everything fell thru.  So we had four baptisms set for next sunday, but now all of their dates are set back another week.  Hopefully this week goes better.
Story time bc lame week.
Two days ago on saturday, two dudes downstairs were drinking, and they started at 6 am, with music blasting from their car.  The first time we went downstairs they were pretty relaxed and were just saying dumb stuff, and just trying to speak english, and i just said i dont speak english and left.  Then the second time, one of them tried grabbing me and was saying every cuss word in both languages he new, so i pushed him away and we left, i called the owner of the house, and he kicked the drunk out of the house.  Yay for drunk Mexicans haha.  One thing ive learned is the people of mexico are so much more hostile to us white people, my comp isnt from here, and no one ever says anything, but im like an animal.  Its funny sometimes.  idk if its like that in other countries, but maybe.
This week our president is coming for interviews, so that should be good.  Hes a good guy.
Not much is new.  Sweating constantly.  I dont know how someone can be fat here, im constantly drenched in sweat.
Cool tree,  JESUS EL GRAN PLANCHADOR(planchar in spanish means iron but also bash people with scriptures),  The cool bike that some crazy guy has, it drives with only the front wheel, its like a unicycle, but two wheels....

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