Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Week 74

Happy Valentines day!

This week was a little interrupted with mission council, but it was still a good week.  Ive been loving all of the new mission changes, they honestly just make missionary life more fluid, and easier to work with.  We also dont have to take numbers daily, instead we take them only on thursdays and sundays, and we treat them like missionaries, and we dont micromanage anymore, and we have honestly seen a great increase here in our zone.  This month as a zone we will have at least 19 baptisms, and they should be worst case scenario!  Were finally going to be the best zone in the mission, and thats been my goal since i got here!  Missionaries here are excited, and working hard!

Not much else happened, last monday we had a tortilla war, that was pretty hilarious, ill put some pictures in.  I took a tortilla to the eye, but it was definitely the most fun activity ive done in my mission.  Ill put a link, i have all of our pictures put up in google drive cause the files are large.
Love you all!


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